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 ====== My mycology obession ====== ====== My mycology obession ======
-[[mycology:​mycology_beginner_guide|Mycology beginner guide]]+📖  ​[[mycology:​mycology_beginner_guide|Mycology beginner guide]]\\ 
 +🛠 [[mycology:​hliva_v_pohari|Hliva v pohári]] • Pestovanie //Hlivy ustricovitej//​ v zaváraninovom pohári\\ 
 +📸 [[https://​mushroomobserver.org/​observer/​observations_by_user/​26278|My photos at Mushroom Observer]]\\ 
 +📸 [[https://​www.nahuby.sk/​fotogalerie_autora.php?​uzivatel_id=42179|My photos at Nahuby.sk]]